Mobile App-Development

No doubt, apps for smartphones and tablets are the future. Those tiny devices will transform nearly every aspect of everyday life for years to come - work, communication, shopping, recreation, you name it.

The top four reasons your company benefits from this trend:

  1. Revenue:
    Extend your retail business to mobile commerce and generate more revenue. Offer your customers the most comfortable means to shop or utilise your services where they want, when they want.
  2. Marketing:
    Tap into new target audiences and maintain an immediate channel to existing customers. Keep them informed about your latest offers, sales campaigns or events.
    Leverage iBeacon technology to send coupons directly to your customer, when they pass by the store...
    There's an incredible amount of possibilities here.
  3. Reduce cost:
    Optimize your workflows! For instance: Provide your road warriors with a mobile app for their tablet or smartphone providing all the info they need to make the sale or provide the best customer service possible. All while keeping the office team in the loop. Of course, all data is perfectly secure using end to end encryption.
  4. State of the art:
    Apps, Smartphones and tablets rock! But what's in it for you?
    Your customers perceive you as a modern, state of the art company.
    Your employees enjoy work even more, are motivated and thus will deliver the best performance they possibly can.

We'd be love to show you the benefits for your business and develop an app that will amaze you.

We focus on developing native apps for:

  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad und Apple Watch)
  • Google Android (Smartphone, Tablets, Wearables) and
  • Windows Phone

Thus we can take advantage of all the devices' features and turn your idea into reality.

  • GPS, geo-fencing and other location-based services
  • Camera
  • NFC (Near-Field-Communication)
  • Bluetooth
  • Motion sensors
  • Push-notifications and
  • iBeacons

To implement your project, we count on AppSpark™. Our very own Mobile Backend as a Service. This way you can benefit from our highly available and scalable infrastructure hosted in a german datacenter complying with strict privacy laws and fulfilling the ISO-27001 and TÜV certification standards.

Software Development

This article is currently not translated into english, but we're on it. Until then we can only refer you to the german version.

Web-Application development

Modern software solutions are developed as Web-Applications since browser-based applications are an enormous benefit for your company.

Web-applications offer:

  • Independence:
    Liberate yourself from Microsoft Windows lock-in and work with the operating system of your choice. Mac OSX, Linux, ... - whatever you use, all you need is a browser.
  • Flexibility and efficiency:
    Work wherever you want. Applications developed using modern web-technologies work on any device you choose. Not just your desktop workstation, but also smartphones and tablets on the go.
  • Cost:
    Web-applications need not be installed on each workstation, laptop or mobile device separately. Fire up your browser and start working right away,
    thus saving costs for support and maintenance, which originate from installation and deployment of updates. Your application and it's updates are deployed once and are instantly available to your entire staff.
    Furthermore migrating workstations to Linux can considerably reduce license and hardware expenses.
  • Scalability:
    Your business grows... - Our expertise in highly-available and scalable software development assures that your application grows as well.

All without compromising features or performance.

We plan and develop your web-application. We want to be your professional partner, who accompanies you and your project for its entire lifecycle.

Die we spark your interest?

Contact us for a free consultation without obligations. We analyse your requirements and provide a tailor-made quote.

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